Sauna Therapy at Access Health Renewal
Our sauna treatment is specific, efficient, productive, and a transformational
tool in our program.

Sauna is a method of warming the body to the point that interferences for healing
response are “melted away” and its resources for renewal are accelerated.

We use far-infrared equipment that is highly efficient and individualized for best
results. We manage the sauna procedure with care, guiding the process, monitoring
responses, and providing support.

We use our sauna systems for the following goals:
  • Loosens tissue in advance of manual therapy applications
  • Increases circulation to assist reduction of tissue congestion, allowing better
    access to dysfunction sites during Access TherapyTM
  • Increases circulation to deliver oxygen to tissues for repair and immune activity
  • Improves tissue health renewal through addressing infection and toxin irritations
  • Opens the pores and surface nervous system to supportive responses to oxygen
  • Assists autonomic nervous system function
The core heating provided by our sauna system synergistically boosts
Access TherapyTM techniques when combined with treatment.
In particular,
intracranial tissue restrictions resistant to other methods can make exceptional
progress towards renewal of resilience and circulation through this combination
treatment. In addition, we provide our Access TherapyTM manual treatment to
open up lymphatic drainage locations and loosen trapped pockets of infection and
biofilm. This speeds therapeutic response significantly and is a unique aspect of
our program for effectiveness and minimizing of sessions required for recovery.

Far infrared is most effective when emitters
are within inches of the body, as is provided
by our tubular system. Far infrared energy is
extremely efficient for deep mobilization fo
r detoxification. The patient’s position lying down
with the head outside of the tube is advantageous
for optimum circulation and comfort. Plus, we
use a far infrared mat underneath the body to
provide complete heating along with the mat’s
other therapeutic functions.

All materials in our equipment are specifically designed to be non toxic.

Traditional saunas are well known and well used in many cultures. Heating the
body has been a therapeutic strategy probably since the first campfire provided its
warmth on a chilly day. The effects have been scientifically studied now and the word
is in: when the body warms up enough, many beneficial effects occur:

  • Circulation increases, which delivers healing oxygen and removes toxins
  • Sweating is promoted, conveying toxins including chemicals and heavy metals
    directly out of the body, avoiding the usual processing by the liver and kidneys for
  • Immune system activity is stimulated, and other help appears to be provided in
    ways still under research, including heat shock proteins that boost many cellular functions.
  • Blood vessel, lung, skin, organ, cardiac, and connective tissue can improve
    functions through the boosted temperature and circulatory processes
  • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme, emotional challenges, cardiovascular and
    other conditions have been found in published studies to have positive response
    to sauna, including significant decrease in incidence of the common cold.
Traditional sauna or heat therapy methods vary. Most work
to heat the surface of the body, such as sitting in a hot room
with heat radiating from a stove or electric unit. The air is heated,
the heat transfers to the skin. The body works actively to resist
the environmental challenge through responses to eliminate heat
and maintain the internal status quo. Sweating and a core
temperature increase can be produced but the inner tissues,
where toxins and hidden infection can be stored, are not disturbed
significantly unless further efforts are made.

A good approach in this kind of sauna involves alternating heat and cold exposures.
As the body reacts to the heat, the circulation is pulled to the surface with the
sweating; the cooling drives the circulation back deeper into the tissues. Repeat
these cycles for deep cleansing. Plunging into a pond with ice floating in it is one of
the best ways to accomplish this, a beloved traditional practice in many cultures. A
cold shower is a distant second when no pond is available..

Our sauna process is quite different – a simpler, more relaxing process, with
great effectiveness.
The far infrared energy (penetrating like light) heats the body
from the inside out rather than the outside in. This streamlines the process and
eliminates the need for alternating with cold immersion. The equipment and our
monitoring allow precise management of body temperature targets, optimized
comfort and synergistic treatment combinations.

Following the sauna, treatment of the rest of the body continues, taking advantage of
the responsiveness of the warmed tissue. There is unprecedented access into the
body and profound change is achieved.

The refreshing shower and hydromassage cap off the experience, leaving one with
soft, supple skin, flexible muscles, and deep relaxation. It’s a great time to add a
session with our massage therapist, too.

There can be increases in lymph activity and sinus discharge as infection is thrown
off. The combination of cleansing, relaxation, immune response and deep change
(especially in the cranial-cervical core) can reconnect you with energy, mental clarity,
and renewed sense of well being.

Sauna Therapy
Health Renewal
Sauna is so powerful in my recovery process. I get so relaxed, and I can feel the sore places in my head melting when the therapy is in progress. I feel clean, energized and fantastic afterwards and I am improving so fast!
- M.K