Information about services at Access Health Renewal

The Access Health Renewal Program includes 2-3 hour visits to our clinic during
which multiple modalities and treatment strategies are provided.
This intensive approach produces profound change to achieve recovery through
applying synergistic methods with sufficient attention and depth. Our goals are
physiological rehabilitation and physical normalization for renewal of your comfort,
mobility and health.

The first meeting develops the basic assessment, determines the fit for
your needs and potential, and provides the logistical plan.
For most people,
an initial intensive series of sessions can best support the experience of physical
reorganization, minimize discomfort or reactions, and promote efficient progress.

The average number of sessions in an active program is 6-10. This scope could
resolve the problems and conclude the program, or additional sessions may be
necessary though reduced in frequency or intensity. This is more likely
in certain situations such as chronic infection or significant tissue remodeling,
distortion, or stiffness.

Recovery with our Access methods is generally stable and does not require
repeated sessions or infinitely ongoing care. It is a process of progressive tissue
reprogramming and rehabilitation, sequentially liberating the system to move towards
relief and normalization.
As progress is achieved, the complexity of visits and the interval between them will be
lengthened to allow for change integration and monitoring for stabilization.

We offer free quick consults to get acquainted and our modestly priced initial
SMART assessments.
In the latter, we apply our tools, analysis and experience
to provide you with new insight about your conditions, treatment suggestions, and our
recommendations for your Health Renewal program.

Other options include individual modalities or combinations:
  • Steam shower plus massage
  • Sauna plus massage shower
  • Steam with aromatherapy
  • Detox tub plus massage
Reimbursement information We accept cash/credit card payment. Workers compensation and liability/car
accident cases will pay us directly. Some commercial insurances reimburse.
We use standard physical medicine codes for manual therapy, modalities, and
exercise. If the Physical Therapist provider credential is required, check with us
about the availability of our staff PT. Consult with our physician is reimbursable
for evaluation and office visits on most plans. Health savings accounts will
reimburse for our services. We are happy to provide documentation as necessary.

Call us at 207-865-5520 for more information or to discuss our fit to your needs.
Information About Our Services
I didnít know what to expect when I came to Access for help. The assessment was so accurate to my symptoms and injuries, even those I had forgotten. Each session was transformational and I made huge progress. Feeling so good now!
- T.Y.