The Access Innovations:
  • Assessment Technology for Stress Mapping
  • Therapies for Natural Process Healing

Our innovations in physical assessment and treatment offer effective and efficient help
for pain and many other problems.
Our methods are reliable, concrete, and have basis in published science.
They are measurable, progressive, and logical.

We specialize in helping people who have been told there is no reason for their pain, or
who have tried “everything else”.

These problems have been considered invisible:
  • tightness, stiffness
  • stress and strain
  • inflammation and pain
We have found these challenges to be quite accessible with our methods.

We can find and measure them and we can put our hands on them. Our methods
make them “visible,” accessible, and possible to help. This is why we use the “Access”
words and concepts in our terminology. Through deep experience we have come to
understand, even expect that these issues can be detected, analyzed, and relieved,
thanks to our new tools and techniques.

New QRITM and iScanTM Stress MappingTM scanning solutions obtain signals from the
body that are consistent with tissue status and serve to guide assessment and treatment
for efficiency and effectiveness.

New SMARTTM assessment discovers the sources and describes the patterns of
tensional reaction, contributing to the accurate understanding of the pain, problem or
dysfunction and the plan for its relief.

New Access TherapyTM capability works to engage a newly-discovered self-corrective
activity of the body that reverses tissue stress in a natural process and frees it to return
to normal function, comfort, and mobility.

Our approach can be summed up by the symbolism of our clinic’s sunny color theme:
  • Fearless – unafraid to investigate and apply our resources to help
  • Optimistic – rooted in our extensive experience that the body can be liberated and
    find its way back to normal
  • Refreshing – open-minded in assessment, joyful in treatment, fully supportive
  • Strengthening – results that open the way for wellbeing and empowerment
Our Access Innovations and Approach
Wow! What an experience! I could feel my stiff neck melt, my aching head loosen, and my back spasms leave. It was intense but I had their great support throughout. It’s been weeks now without shooting pains down my legs. My neck is fully mobile and I have so much energy! - G. S