Modalities to Assist, Support, and Energize your Health Renewal

Sauna is a major tool at our facility. Hyperthermia or heat exposure in saunas, steam
baths, and sweat lodges has been used traditionally worldwide for relaxation and
Modern medical research has been confirming and detailing its benefits for years.
Published studies include cardiovascular and immune effects. Our state of the art
equipment provides far infrared heating that warms the body from the inside out.
We provide a carefully managed therapeutic approach that complements individual
needs, goals, and tolerances.

Tri-Function Far Infrared Mat
This mat emits far infrared heat, light exposure with red LEDs, and PEMF
low frequency magnetic pulsing. One or more of these functions can be employed
while the mat is used in conjunction with the sauna capsule or on its own.
Many benefits are cited by various sources. We focus on the mat providing additional
far infrared heating during sauna. The other functions complement with assistance to
circulation and sympathetic function.

Our steam shower unit offers the benefits of efficient and direct hydration.
Steam bathing can deep clean and moisturize skin, moisten mucous membranes,
promote sinus drainage, relax muscles, improve circulation, and relieve dehydration
in general.
Steam can gently deliver the support of essential oils to the respiratory surfaces and
the skin while pores are open and circulation is activated.
Alternating steam with cooling showers is refreshing and invigorating.

Application of hot and cold to the surface of the body is well known to be valuable in
healing. The temperatures affect nerve responses that translate the input to the
circulatory, digestive, and pain systems to improve function and comfort. Also, heat is
synergistic to Access TherapyTM through relieving the interference of stiffness in the
connective tissues and congestion in the lymphatic flow.

Several synergistic functions are contributed by our hydrotherapy. The shower
massage stimulates the skin surface nerves, increases circulation, and relaxes
muscles. The therapeutic tub also offers hydromassage, and in addition it offers
detox soaks with salts and aromatherapy through the air whirlpool jets.

Oxygen is essential for our living cells. Increasing its availability to the body can
provide multiple benefits. Oxygen is offered to take advantage of the increased
circulation in the sauna.
Enhanced oxygen stimulates responses in the body that can assist Access TherapyTM
and other physiological processes supportive to recovery.

So well known and loved for its delightful combination of health benefits and sheer
pleasure, massage rounds out our hands-on offerings.
Hot stones are frequently involved, and warmly welcomed!

Aromatherapy and essential oils
Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted
aromatic essences from plants (essential oils) to balance, harmonize and promote
health of body, mind and spirit.
We combine oils with our modalities to enhance the individual's experience and
healing process.

Core activation exercise
Our approach uses balance balls and stretch bands to awaken and strengthen the
deep connective tissues and ligaments of the trunk.
This not only increases support for the back and organs and influences the ability to
move, it also stimulates the metabolism and assists innate detoxification.
The Access Health Renewal Synergistic Modalities
Sauna Steaming Tri-function mat Thermal Hydrotherapy Oxygenation Massage Aromatherapy Core Activation
The steam and aromatherapy are such a great way to start off the sessions. Along with the sauna and the Access Therapy to open everything up, I recovered from my Lyme infection. I got off the couch and back into my life. I love the combination of the steam, essential oils, and massage and come for that every month, now that I donít need regular Access. -T.D