The Sonotect iScanTM at Access Health Renewal
Sonotect is a new biophysical diagnostic technology provided by our clinic as an
assessment system. This noninvasive acoustic-based scan provides measurements
that are used by our therapists to detect anatomical locations that are key to pain,
inflammation, and other physical problems. Their abnormal status produces Sonotect
iScanTM signals that our system captures, analyzes and displays for clinical use.

Our excellent treatment results are supported by this valuable guide. Further, we can
monitor progress through these measurements. From one session to the next and
throughout an individual’s journey to recovery, we can objectively verify improvement,
and resolution. iScanTM keeps everyone well informed about response and
achievements of our program.

The Sonotect iScanTM Stress Mapping technology helps us detect, identify and solve
problems that have been “invisible” to other efforts. Our experience has been very
promising. Upcoming third party research should establish Sonotect as the next major
diagnosis method in medicine. It is the first system to report the status of the body

iScanTM can help the clinician to determine if a body site is normal or abnormal in
relation to understanding how to help it recover. It provides information about the
mechanics of the tissue, properties which are fundamental to how the tissue functions
and feels.

In normal status, the material properties of the tissue will be responsive, springy,
resilient and cohesive, like “Jello,” which is similarly composed of protein and water.
“Normal” feels comfortable to its “owner” and springy to the touch.

As well established by published scientific research, our health depends on movement
behaviors that interact with our outside world and also within our body. Countless
processes depend on blood flowing, digestion proceeding, fluids circulating, and
cellular life factors migrating, among others. The parts of the body – vertebra, organs,
vessels, bones – are suspended like pieces of fruit in a jello mold. Mobility and
resilience are essential.

Abnormal status occurs when cells and tissues react to protect us against force or
irritation. They lock onto each other, like velcro. Once triggered, these reactions do not
automatically reverse or wear off. Their stiff and complex reactions continue to persist
indefinitely. They can be understood as cramps or charleyhorses within the
neurofascial foundation of the body. This constant stress results in conditions of pain,
disease, inflammation, and difficulties of function and mobility.

When the “jello” of the body gets twisted, tight, and
distorted by these reactions, the body parts it suspends
also get displaced. There are high tensile forces at work
like tight rubber bands. Their influence becomes evident
in older people, after muscle mass has diminished and the
tissue stiffens. Then the internal distortions are unopposed
and they drive the posture and problems of the overall
structure. But for years earlier, these tensions and
Inflammation had been working their damage, invisible
to any objective assessment methods. Now, the iScan™
can solve this need.

We believe that if these stresses could be relieved
soon after they are caused, normal posture as well as other
physical conditions could be protected and maintained.
Finding them early and helping them to unlock and reverse – these are the
capabilities of the iScanTM and our Access Health Renewal Program.

Other methods of assessment such as palpation and visual inspection can notice some
areas of tension or asymmetry. But the body is a complex system and there are
countless players when there is pain or inflammation. Any part can contribute to
problems, including the tissues involved with nerves, vessels, and organs in addition to
muscles and joints.

Therapies that are used to push, pull or jiggle parts of the body in the effort to correct
them are limited through inaccurate location of the target sites. And, though tissue
loosening and circulation improvement can produce some relief, such efforts are not
particularly efficient and can require numerous sessions. For many people, full and
stable relief is not achieved.

Like a leg cramp that locks up but releases when you do find just the right way to assist
it, the fundamental dysfunctions will respond when properly assisted to unlock for their
recovery. It is a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right
intervention, and the more efficient the better.

Abnormal tissue mechanics underlie all conditions, including those not usually thought
of as being structural, like infection. Immune responses, lymphatic flow, healing
circulation, and pain relief all are promoted when tensions are eased.

We achieve successful results
through precise identification
and measurement of the key
sites through iScanTM. It is an
essential guide for our unique
techniques that effectively trigger
the body to truly liberate the
stress reactions, reverse dysfunction,
and restore normality.

Sonotect, iScanTM and QRITM are being developed by Signal Insight, Inc.
See and www.iscanweb for more information.
Assessment: the iScanTM Advantage at Access Health Renewal
When I first came in for the iScan™ assessment, I quickly saw that the places I had always felt were in trouble lit up with the signal display. That was very reassuring. The scan was showing what I knew about my pain and injuries. But I was amazed to see the signal information pointing out places of which I was not aware, too. They were locations of old injuries and infections that I was able to recall and it made a lot of sense about why my problems had been so chronic and puzzling. It was great to watch the scan show less areas involved as I progressed through my program. That was reassuring too! – H.P.