Pain, and beyond:
sharp, tight, burning, aching, irritating, dull, severe, chronic

Pain has a purpose: to get our attention about problems the body identifies as
interfering with our survival. The problems themselves, though, are generally invisible to
current methods, and thus their makeup and causes are unknown.

Fibromyalgia and other puzzling conditions present typical collections of symptoms.
Their causes provides clues for how to relieve them, yet this information has been

Injury causes the tissue to stiffen and resist, to protect against damage. This stiffness
can persist, causing pain. Locating the site of the injury is essential for effective
treatment. Itís not always where the pain is being felt.
Further, the injury might have occurred years in the past and has been forgotten.

During the Access Program process, sometimes a forgotten injury is recalled when a
treatment site is identified and addressed. Could be a fall out of a tree or off a bike in
childhood, or a car accident years in the past. Weíve heard an interesting and wide
variety of historical origins for pain and problems: being hit in the head is common, run
into by a cow less so; and certainly sports injuries of all varieties. Further, past or
ongoing sinus, ear and dental infection as well as local staph or severe bug bites are
reported as well.

All create reactions that persist for years and contribute to mysterious syndromes. The
patterns uncovered by our findings trigger recognition of the related history, providing
logic and validation.

Dysfunctions of mobility can occur in any part and any system of the body. A stiff back
is not only a problem, lack of mobility at the cellular level interferes with functions and
physical interrelationships.

There is a reason for pain: itís the accumulation of each personís unique physical history,
encoded in the survival reactions of their organism and associated needs.
These problems are liberated when we use the Access Health Renewal tools in the right
way, in the right location, and at the right time.

Beyond Pain
Other challenges can include congestion of inflammatory waste products,
environmentally acquired toxins, infection and the toxins it produces; the corresponding
depression of the immune/lymph system, the hormonal system, and the metabolism, to
name a few. Our program assists by relieving tissue restriction and promoting immune
response and toxin elimination. Please see pages on this site that focus on our
resources for these problems.

For any condition, especially the ones that are puzzling, difficult, defying
diagnosis or resistant to treatments, we invite you to come in for our SMARTTM

We will discover together information insight about the stresses, reactions, and
interferences that may relate to your problem. If the iScanTM detects them and our
expertise can uncover their logic, this would suggest a basis in tissue mechanics and the
possibility that our treatment could help.

Conditions with which we have had success:
Pain, Injury, Inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Migraine, TMJ, Sinus, Pelvic, Nerve,
Extremity, Work-related, Strain, Problems of Digestive, Respiratory, Physical Mobility
Systems, Lyme and Chronic Infection, Immune, Toxic Exposure, Sensitivities, RSD,
Preparation for and Recovery from Surgery, Sports Limitation and Performance
Optimization, and Unusual and Challenging Disorders.
Access Program Success for Conditions
  • Pain, Injury, Inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia, Headache
  • Migraine, TMJ, Sinus
  • Pelvic, Nerve, Extremity
  • Work-related, Strain
  • Problems of Digestive, Nerve, Respiratory and Physical Mobility Systems
  • Chronic Infection, Lyme
  • Immune, Toxic Exposure
  • Sensitivities, and Challenging Disorders
  • Sports Limitation and Performance Optimization
I had daily headaches despite trying many therapies and treatments. AHR therapists found and helped an old infection. My head had been pierced by a rusty nail when I was 6 years old. It made sense that chronic inflammation there had been causing my pain and nausea. I had lots of drainage when the Access treatment opened it up. The steam was especially helpful. Now my pain has been relieved for good.- B. D