The Access Program for Lyme, infections and toxins

Our infection assistance program applies the value of raising the body temperature
to trigger immune system responses and introducing oxygen to combat
microorganisms noted by Lyme and other infection treatment guidelines.
We also address the additional, and usually neglected, challenge in recovering from
infection: the harboring of stealth and dormant cells that perpetuate re-infection
through persisting in biofilm within connective tissues, sealed from immune interaction.

While helpful in many situations, antibiotics currently do not have action against
resistant or mutant organisms. Some have even been found to promote the production
of the persister cells that restart infection flareups when triggered by stress, trauma
and other factors.

Our program provides comprehensive physical assistance through unique
The iScanTM assessment detects and details the locations of hidden infection, allowing
accuracy in therapeutic efforts.
Access TherapyTM opens the tissue to expose these sites. Congestion and
accumulated irritating substances can drain; the body’s infection fighters can gain
access; circulation can deliver oxygen-based defenses.

Our experience has developed insights and understandings valuable to infection

Detecting and locating: Infection and inflammation can colonize numerous free
spaces in the head, throat, thoracic cavity, gut, joints, and elsewhere. Other sites
include cysts and abscesses of frank infection within organs, the head, and other soft
tissues. These locations provide hiding places for the pathology to persist, walled off
from the body’s defenses.

Lymph mobility: immune response includes circulation of specialized cells that
destroy bacteria and other factors that may be attacking the body. But the process
depends on the lymph fluid being able to move throughout the tissues in four ways:
  • Since it does not have a dedicated “pump” the general movements of the body are
    the stimulus – but tight and stiff tissue areas can interfere.
  • Lymphatic congestion becomes a blockage to its own function.
  • The killer cells only function once the dendritic cells find the attackers and bring its
    material to introduce it to them; circulation is essential.
  • The lymph fluid originates from the blood vessels, seeping through the tissues to
    be collected into the lymph vessels. There are only two entry points for the lymph to
    return to the blood circulation to complete the cycle: a small vein at each collarbone
    with the left receiving the majority amount. Since this is a site commonly affected
    by neck or shoulder tension, interference with lymph flow is also common.
Heating: raising the body temperature is known to trigger immune responses,
especially at 102 degrees. It’s why people are advised not to use fever reducers
unless levels are significantly higher. We use non toxic, effective equipment and we
intensively manage the patient’s sauna process to achieve optimal success. The
dilation of the heated tissues is synergistic with Access Therapy opening the tissue
and drainage.

Oxygen: oxygen is toxic to infective organisms, but nourishing to us. Increased heat
increases circulation to promote delivery of oxygen to tissues for recovery. We support
a plentiful oxygen supply for this process. Ozone, an enhancement of oxygen, appears
to have beneficial potential as well. Medicine in many countries incorporates ozone to
stimulate antibacterial/antiviral enzymes according to their published research.

Steam and Essential Oils: Steaming in our steam/shower unit opens the pores and
mucous membranes, assisting drainage of secretions and transport of supportive
essential oils. Use of interspersed cool showers also promotes internal signaling that
can assist the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems to bounce back from the
chronic stress of infection.

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Therapies for
Lyme disease,
infections, and
My sinus infection was recurrent throughout my life, despite multiple courses of antibiotics. After being bedridden with it for a month last year, I was desperate for a way to eliminate it. My search led me to the modalities we now offer at Access Health Renewal. I now enjoy the benefits of freedom from chronic infection and am so happy to be able to provide them to you. - Ariel Eliana Wilcox, Founder