The Access Health Renewal Program applies these
Principles, Guiding Concepts and Philosophy:

1. We identify the needs for treatment accurately and objectively:
Your problems are detected and validated through non-invasive scanning using
QRI Stress Mapping™ and the iScan™ combined with our comprehensive, verified
assessment process.

2. We consider the entire body:
The locations, functions, and interactions of all tissues – nerves, vessels, organs,
lymphatics, fascia, muscles – are included in our analysis.
We understand that any tissue can react to force, injury, and irritation and that all tissues
are accessible to reverse this reaction if approached properly.

3. We recognize that infection and congestion can complicate recovery:
We find infections that have persisted in tissues, sometimes over many years, causing
inflammation and interfering with healing from pain and injury.
Our methods relieve the congestion, free the lymphatic and vascular circulation, assist
detoxification, and stimulate the immune system.

4. We focus on your individual challenges in body, function, and energy.
Our experience, knowledge and unique expertise are applied to your specific needs,
defining each step in your Access Health Renewal process.

5. We integrate complementary resources to encourage efficient treatment and a
stable outcome.

Synergistic modalities assist and support our Access Therapy to relieve discomfort and
strengthen recovery.
Sources of tension, irritation, and limitation are liberated, reversed and resolved.

6. We believe that the journey of health renewal should include experiences that
are pleasant, empowering, and relaxing.

Touch therapies, warming and soothing measures, contribute to healing.

Our Program:

The Access


I chose the Intensive Program. It was quite a “boot camp” for my recovery. In just a few days my whole body changed back to being balanced, pain-free, and much more healthy. - K. A.
7. Our program is anchored by measurement, verification and science.
Our innovations demonstrate reliability and reproducibility and are expected to advance
medical science.