About Access Health Renewal, a unique clinic for you
Your problems: identified accurately, recovered successfully.

Access Health Renewal presents the culmination of 35 years of education, training,
research, and development. At the core are groundbreaking advances in physiology
and physics discovered and patented by our founder, Ariel Eliana Wilcox.

The program is now available exclusively at our facility in advance of expected adoption
throughout the healthcare community.

Our unique capabilities:
Our insight is powered by deep background in science, observation, experimentation,
measurement and experience in assisting tissue recovery.

Our tools were invented to guide and validate the findings of our hands and senses.
They solve the need for objective accuracy and specificity.

Our methods tap healing resources, with the goal of full recovery.
Our modalities activate and support the successful processes.

We specialize in helping difficult cases. It is a joy to discover the history and insight
underlying a troubling limitation and to identify the anatomy involved in a painful
dysfunction. The explanation is always logical, once the true players are identified
through our S.M.A.R.T.TM assessment.

We love to share the empowerment and validation that our tools and experience can
provide in finally defining and reversing problems that may have been puzzling and
invisible for many years.

We treat babies, children, teenagers, and adults.
We also on occasion help out with dogs, cats, horses
…and the odd gerbil or chicken.

A dedicated team of talented therapists and supporters recognized the potential of
these methods for delivering assistance to clients more completely, efficiently, and

As a result, they found their professional experience more fulfilling, as well.

When the synergy of the multi -faceted program and the clarity of the science
coalesced in late 2011, it was time to provide these benefits
through a new, enhanced program called Access Health Renewal.

Our beautiful facility was created to our specifications so we could provide you
with the best in services and results.
I had daily headaches
and frequent migraines
along with neck and
back pain, despite trying
many medications,
therapies and
treatments over two
decades. AHR
therapists found and
helped an old infection
as well as soft tissue
injuries. My pain
has been relieved now
for good. - B. D.
Access Health

About Us