Welcome to the Access Health Renewal Program
Our program integrates new synergistic resources and principles
to effectively address problems of health and function:

Our unique assessment and treatment tools
We are the first clinic to present Access resources and results.
Providing technology to accurately map the problems and treatment to reverse them.

Practitioner expertise
Our seasoned therapists have a deep relationship with the physical body.
We are fluent in the anatomy involved, and skilled to properly assist the tissue.

Healing modalities: new, traditional, and validated
Sauna, hydrotherapy, and oxygen therapies soothe, melt, warm, revitalize, stimulate,
Offering swift healing and progress through our complementary methods.

Science based, objectively guided, and comprehensively supported
We verify dysfunction, map its architecture, understand its origin, and achieve real
change with valid techniques and technology.
SMARTTM assessment reveals the hidden locations and logic of the body’s
challenges; our Access treatment liberates them.

Programs are individually designed
You are the focus, the history and architecture of your problems
are unique. The map for your treatment is based on direct observation and careful
analysis of your status and needs.
You benefit from precise targeting, identification, and assistance for resolution.

About the
Health Renewal
I always had bronchitis several times a year. My Access therapist found a hidden, chronic sinus infection and helped me eliminate it. The scan found tightness in my chest too. I remembered that I had been hit in the chest by a softball when I was a kid. . I learned this was irritating the whole respiratory tract and making me prone to these infections. The treatment took care of all of it. It is great to not get sick anymore! -R.H.